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Leak Detection Specialists

We locate and fix leaky pipes fast!

We have you covered when it comes to your water pipes. We can repair any leaks and make sure they don’t happen again! All internal/external work not only meets Australian standards but also exceeds them by utilising high-quality materials for a long-lasting result.

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With our powerful jackhammers and disposal services, including concrete removal from site if necessary, there is nothing standing in our way of completely meeting the needs of our customers.

We can obtain access and repair water leaks by cutting through walls. We’ll be using temporary cover pieces during the process, so if you have any worries regarding the structural stability of your property while our crew is working onsite or elsewhere, please let us know before they arrive!

During repairs, we will backfill around all of these patches with bedding sand, which reduces pressure reduction values on metersĀ and allows for a faster installation time, making future leaks less likely than before!

Leak Detection Specialists
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